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Lonesome Mountain from Becker Lake

Becker and Albino Lakes

Distance: 5.0 - 12.2 miles (Round Trip)

The Beartooths is blessed with great day hikes but none can complete with the scenic beauty of the hike to Becker and Albino Lakes, where a succession of beautiful lakes and photogenic meadows serve up stunning views of the Beartooth Plateau’s high peaks and rugged landscapes.

Close-up of Silver Run Peak

Silver Run Plateau

Distance: 11.8 miles (Round Trip)

This interesting and scenic hike ascends through the Silver Run Lakes basin and then climbs atop the Silver Run Plateau, an amazing tundra-clad expanse of rolling terrain over 10,000-ft. The first 2.75 miles of the hike follow the Timberline Trail through a burn area.

Upper Sheepherder Lake and Peak 11,701-ft.

Sheepherder Lakes

Distance: 4.2 - 6.3 miles (Round Trip)

This little known hike travels through lovely meadows to seven scenic lakes along the east side of the Beartooth Plateau. The hike follows use/social trails and then travels cross country. Route finding skills and a map are essential.

Horseshoe Lake

Beartooth Lakes Loop

Distance: 7.8 miles (Round Trip)

This beautiful trail visits six scenic lakes, travels through meadows awash in wildflowers and features fine views of Beartooth Butte, Lonesome Mountain and the high ridges towering above the east side of the Beartooth Plateau.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake

Distance: 7.4 - 10.5 miles (Round Trip)

A pleasant hike up the Lake Fork of Rock Creek visits Broadwater and Lost Lakes. Along the way enjoy fine views of Rock Creek and the rugged cliffs of the Silver Run and Hellroaring Plateaus along with occasional views of the summits rising above the head of the valley.

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The Region, the Hikes & the Base Camps

Between 50 and 60 million years ago, a massive uplift created the Beartooth Plateau. At roughly 3,000 square miles, the Beartooth Plateau is one of North America's largest land masses rising above 10,000 feet, reaching its highest point at 12,799-ft. Granite Peak. This is a land of glacier-carved cirques, high alpine lakes and fragile tundra. The plateau, part of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness, is know simply as the Beartooths.

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